iZotope revives iconic distortion plugin, Trash

iZotope, part of Native Instruments, today announced the revival of their iconic distortion plugin, Trash. The fan-favorite distortion tool was first introduced by iZotope back in 2003. Two decades later, this new incarnation combines the most popular features with a modern design, and a whole new take on the joy of breaking things.

“..some plugins bring that magic, Trash is one of them."  – Nicky Romero

“Trash is by far one of my favorite plugins for years now, and the new one has a ‘scream’ variable parameter which is great with an LFO”. – Arca

Trash takes sound into new dimensions with unlimited ways to twist, mangle, and energize music. With an easy-to-use interface, the plugin is driven by two powerful engines: the Trash and Convolve modules. Trash’s namesake module includes over 60 distortion types for everything from subtle saturation to full-on sonic mutation. Convolve comes with over 600 creative impulse responses to morph and filter your sound, from tin cans and piano cabinets, to reversed reverbs and underwater recordings.

In a new twist for Trash, both modules include an intuitive XY pad that allows users to blend between either four distortion algorithms, or four impulse responses, opening up endless potential for auditory chaos. Other new features include an Envelope Follower, a Dice Roll button for inspiration, and a Scream filter.  Plus, no matter how wild it gets, Trash takes care of output levels with intelligent autogain and limiter settings.

Available as a desktop plugin, Trash is also compatible with Logic Pro for iPad using the AUv3 format. Both the desktopand iPad versions of Trash also include a new Trash Lite mode, so that everyone can get a piece of the new Trash for free.

Key Features

  • Trash module – Distort your sound with over 60 distortion types and blend between four of them on an intuitive XY pad
  • Convolve module – Morph and filter your sounds with over 600 creative impulse responses. Or, use the custom Impulse Response Loader to convolve with any audio file you want
  • Multiband – Customize across low, mid, and high frequency bands, with different combinations of Trash and Convolve
  • Envelope Follower – Bring powerful movement to your sound, and unlock endless distortion possibilities with simple modulation for the Trash module and Scream filter
  • Randomize – Roll the dice to randomly select presets, sounds for Trash and Convolve XY pads, and XY pad positioning
  • iPad support – AUv3 version compatible with Logic Pro for iPad
  • Free Trash Lite mode – Get a free taste of destruction with Lite mode, which includes the Trash module, Randomize, and the Autogain/Limiter  

Pricing and Availability

Starting today, the desktop version of Trash is available at www.izotope.com/trash and from select retailers. The iPad version of Trash is sold separately and available on the Apple App Store. Both versions can be downloaded and enjoyed for free using the new Trash Lite mode.

Trash: $99 / €109 / £95, with introductory pricing at $79 through April 16, 2024

Trash for iPad: $19.99 / €22.99 / £19.99.

International MSRP pricing for the desktop version of Trash:

$99 / €109 / £95 / JPY 15700 / AUD 169 / CAD 139 / CHF 109 / CNY ¥789

Existing iZotope customers may be eligible for additional loyalty discounts on Trash. Details can be found in a customer’s Account section on www.izotope.com.