House Issues Festival at Plaza de La Raza

It was a night to remember Saturday June 4th at La Plaza de la Raza in Lincoln Heights, CA. House Issues along with Antonio Pelayo productions and NELAtv brought you an intense Deep house party like no other. A '90s House, arts and fashion festival, a blast from the past event brought well known DJs like global house diva DJ Irene, DJ Richard Vission aka Richard “Humpty” Vission and Lenny V, all American electronic dance music DJs and producers. An integral part of the scene since the early '90s, teenagers who grew up listening to Deep house and Techno music, and who are now in their late 30s and 40s attended this nostalgic event. Comedians Concrete and J Valentino, who hosted the show, described the event as coming back from a time machine. There were men and women dressed in Rebel '90s attire, from Doc Marten boots, chains hanging off their wallets, bandanas around their heads, girls with scrungies in their hair, etc. In addition, Groovers dressed in big flaring pants, beads all over their bodies and pacifiers in their mouths. There was also an exhibit showcasing old party flyers, magazines and pictures on the wall highlighting all the good times we had growing up in that era. From jungle juice to old photo booths, it definitely brought back a lot of memories and the partygoers were going wild reminiscing to music they grew up listening to. One of the partygoers described house music as stimulating her mind and it improved her concentration without being distracting. House Issues definitely shut the house down, and if you grew up in the '90s, it was definitely a memorable moment. Also in attendance were DJ Mauri, DJ Flaver, Killahnoez, Chrisrox, Gargamel, Herb One and fashion show by Wardrobe Divas, just name a few.