Hollywood Music In Media Awards is Calling For Entries

The Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) honors original music (Song and Score) in all visual media from around the globe including film, TV, video games, trailers, commercial advertisements, documentaries and special programs. The HMMA main event features live music performances, celebrity presenters, tributes to music industry icons, awards for composers, songwriters and artists. The HMMA also celebrates emerging, independent artists and music influencers from around the globe for creative and innovative contributions.

Nominees will be reviewed by the HMMA Selections Committee and voted on by the HMMA Advisory Board and Voting Academy.

• Artists, composers and artist representatives are welcome to Submit as many considerations, and as many times, as they wish.

• Submissions are accepted and reviewed each month, but nominations may be posted quarterly or closer to the main awards event. Nominees selected from this form are posted in the "Visual Media" categories. An Official Nomination Certificate can be made available to nominees upon request after posting of selections.

Submission criteria and definitions:

• Music In Visual Media eligibility release period is October 1st of the previous year (2019) to January 31st (2021). NOTE, This is a revised, extended release window due to the pandemic. 

• To be considered for nomination, HMMA must have access to unreleased projects for review, even if it is just a portion of the project highlighting the music. Most films and other visual media not officially released are reviewed by HMMA committee members at film festivals and/or private screenings. In sensitive cases, HMMA is provided the encrypted link(s) to review a stream from an internal server and will accept non-disclosure agreement if required.

• If possible, visual entries should be no more than 10 minutes in length. Edited clips that best represent music supporting visuals are preferred.

• If HMMA is unable to review a production or any portion of it (importantly the music), the project will not be considered for inclusion.

• Short Films are defined as a motion picture that has a running time of 30 minutes or less, including credits.

• As deemed by the HMMA, submissions may be reassigned to a different and/or specific category other than what was chosen in the original submission. Two examples: "Original Score - Short Film" to "Original Score - Animated Short" or "Original Song - Independent Film" to "Original Song - Independent Film (Foreign Language)" and so on.

• All submissions will be vetted to confirm the accuracy and legitimacy of the submission through various means, including online resources such as IMDB.com.

• Some early Visual submissions will be held in consideration without announcing or posting selections until closer to the Main Event date. Final nominations are posted on the HMMA website, announced through a press release and social media no less than thirty (30) days prior to HMMA show.

For more details on submissions, visit hmmawards.com.