Hit the Decks! It's Jessica Audiffred

Electronic artist Jessica Audiffred has been DJing for about 12 years.

"I actually started making music first and learned to DJ so I could share my music with an audience," she says. "It got serious after I began touring in the U.S. about seven years ago."

Audiffred says that she plays bass music across the spectrum. "Dubstep, House, Riddim and Drum & Bass," she says. "I’ve also been playing hard techno as a side project and at after parties. That seems to be very well received."

Her latest release is an electronic rendition of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” with GG Magree.

"'Don’t Speak' was such a great opportunity to bring an influential song and artist that held a special meaning to my upbringing into my own musical career," she says. "GG did such a great job covering the vocal, it has all the energy of the original song."

As for gear:

"I just got my full set of two [Pioneer] CDJ-3000's and a DJM-A9  to practice DJing," Audiffred says. "In the studio, I have a pair of focal monitors, and a UA [Universal Audio] Apollo twin X interface. I have most of the digital emulations of the hardware gear that I could have, but recently I’ve been thinking about getting a better maker mastering limiter 2.0, for headphones I use the Sennheiser HD 25 II."

Looking ahead, Audiffred has plenty planned for 2024.

"I’m going into album mode and plan on presenting my first major body of work," she says. "It will really showcase my musical diversity, how I have grown as an artist and what can be expected of my live sets in the coming years. I’ll be announcing my next tour soon and playing a lot of great festivals this year from Lollapalooza and Bonaroo to EDC Las Vegas and Apocalypse Festival. I will also be announcing a lot of dates in Europe, Asia and Australia."

Jessica Audiffred's "Don't Speak" with GG Magree is out now.

Photo by Álvaro Nates.