Blackbird Foundation - "Managing Gain & Distortion"

Hal Leonard and Blackbird Foundation Launch "Managing Gain & Distortion"

Hal Leonard has released a new installment of The Blackbird Foundation Series at Groove3: Managing Gain & Distortion. Taught by The Blackbird Academy Co-Director and Instructor Kevin Becka, this new course explains terms like Unity Gain, Digital Zero, Negative Infinity dB, and their importance for recording and mixing audio.

The course consists of five tutorials, each no longer than four minutes, yet covering the following essentials:

• Introduction to Gain & Distortion
• Demystifying Zero: Zero can mean different things on different gear. Knowing the specifics of gain staging will help you manage a sometimes confusing array of terms and settings on all kinds of pro and consumer audio gear.
• Being the Master of Your Signal Chain: A complex signal chain presents a dizzying array of opportunities to manage gain. Using key concepts and settings practiced by successful engineers will put you on the fast track for making the best sounding recordings possible.
• What is Distortion? While certain types of distortion should be avoided, other types provide valuable sonic tools that can make or break a production. Knowing the difference between "good" and "bad" distortion differentiates the novice from the pro engineer.

Becka leads the tutorials at an easy-to-follow speed, accompanied by video and visuals from Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN.

The course is available for $9.99 or with Groove3's All Access.

For more information and to download, visit groove3.com.