Guitar Center Expands Lessons to Offer Air Guitar Instruction

Guitar Center, the world’s largest retailer of musical instruments, repairs and rentals, is also the leading provider of music lessons at communities nationwide. Many budding musicians acquire their first instrument from Guitar Center, and a growing number have been getting the instruction they need to strum their first E chord or pick their first solo from Guitar Center’s expert instructors. “But why should the instruction be limited to only those who own an instrument?” said Donny Gruendler, Vice President of Music Education at Guitar Center. “We thought to ourselves, ‘What about those who want to play air guitar? Who’s going to teach them?’”

GuitarAnd so the idea was born: elite instruction for air guitar from Guitar Center Lessons locations nationwide, either in-person or online, starting today, April 1. Students will learn all the moves—the proper stance, the rock face, crowd engagement, swaying vs. bouncing, and the infamous windmill. A special unit will cover the dangers of headbanging. “It’s all about having fun while staying safe. Too much headbanging can lead to neck cramps and headaches, and the performance will suffer,” remarked Gruendler.

Instructors will share their expertise on the fundamentals of imaginary rock, from riffs and solos to power chords and dramatic strums. Repertoire will be tailored to each student’s personal tastes, but will generally include work from Ramones, the Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Bon Jovi. An advanced curriculum will incorporate lip-synching.

“Maybe we have a future Air Guitar World Champion in our midst,” noted Gruendler. “With any luck, we will nurture that talent right here in the walls of a neighborhood Guitar Center.”

To learn more and to register for Guitar Center’s new air music lessons, visit guitarcenter.com/Lessons.

**April Fools!**