Al Jardine at Sony Hall

Co-founding Beach Boy member Al Jardine played Sony Hall in New York’s Theater district. The Theater was built in 1938 and had been four different theaters before becoming a private venue then was closed over two decades before it reopened in 2013 after major renovation. Jardine said “This is a great room that reminds me of the Cavern Club where The Beatles played” since it was underground. Jardine was on the Beach Boys first single Surfin’ before departing the group then returned for the group’s sixth album Shut Down Volume 2 and has been on every album since. Jardine remained a member until Carl Wilson’s passing in 1998 then started his own band and in 2012 for the Beach Boys 50th tour Jardine and surviving Beach Boys members Brian Wilson, Mike Love, and Bruce Johnston and David Marks all came together as well as making a new album which had been the first Beach Boys release in 14 years. Following that tour, Jardine joined Brian Wilson and his band for a co-headline with Jeff Beck as well as a 50th Anniversary of Pet Sounds tour and several other tours. 2021 marked the 60th anniversary of the Beach Boys, however there are no current plans for another reunion tour.

Now in 2022 Jardine embarked on a short tour with his son Matt who sings Wilson’s falsetto parts in Wilson’s band and Wilson’s daughters Carnie and Wendy (Wilson Phillips). The band consists of former Beach Boy touring members Ed Carter (Bass) who was with the Beach Boys nearly 30 years starting in 1968 not long after the band decided to add touring musicians, and Bobb Figueroa who had two tenures with the group of 11 years combined starting in 1973. Also in the band is Brian Wilson guitarist Probyn Gregory, and newest member Debbie Shair (Keys) who was in Heart for 10 years.

The show lasted nearly two hours with 25 songs, mostly Beach Boys with two Wilson Phillips songs and one solo song. The opening song was “Do it Again,”and continued with Beach Boys hits “Catch A Wave,” “Hawaii,” and “California Girls.” On the fifth song “Darlin,” Carnie took over lead vocals and the first song Matt sang on was “Don’t Worry Baby.” Of the Beach Boys hits Jardine sang on originally, he performed “Help Me Rhonda,” and “Come Go With Me.” Halfway through the show Billy Joel’s first sax player Richie Cannata joined in for “Come Go With Me.” Cannata was a touring member with the Beach Boys for seven years in the 90’s and is a member of the Lords of 52nd street with original Billy Joel members Liberty Devito and Russell Javors. Al also pulled out a few rarities like “Wake the World,” from Friends and played acoustic guitar on a few songs which doesn’t happen often.

The Wilson sisters took over for “Impulsive,” and “Monday Without You,” and Carnie mentioned how happy she was seeing Al play tambourine on “Impulsive.” This was followed by Carnie singing “God Only Knows,” originally sung by her Uncle Carl, as a tribute to Beach Boys touring member Billy Hinsche who passed away in November 2021.  Wendy sang lead on “Sail On Sailor.” Al said he likes the sailing songs so he continued with “Sloop John B.” After “Good Vibrations,” The Jardines performed the next two songs with the band for “Cool, Cool Water” and the title track from Al’s solo album A Postcard From California. The final three songs were Wilson Phillips “Hold On,” and the Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ USA,” and “Fun Fun Fun.” There’s just three shows left and then in June the Jardines join Brian wilson for a co-headline with Chicago stoppin at The Forum in Los Angeles, CA June 8th.

Setlist: Beach Boys unless noted

  1. Do it again

  2. Catch a Wave

  3. Hawaii

  4. California Girls

  5. Darlin'- Carnie

  6. Surfer Girl

  7. Don't Worry Baby- Matt

  8. Little Deuce Coupe

  9. I Get Around

  10. In My Room- Matt

  11. Wake the World

  12. Add Some Music to Your Day

  13. Come Go With Me Richie

  14. Impulsive (Wilson Phillips)

  15. Monday Without You (The Wilsons)

  16. God Only Knows- Carnie. Dedicated to Billy Hinsche

  17. Sail On Sailor- Wendy

  18. Sloop John B.

  19. Wouldn't It Be Nice- Matt

  20. Help Me Rhonda with Richie

  21. Good Vibrations

  22. Cool, Cool Water- Al Matt and Band

  23. A Postcard from California (Al Jardine)- Al Matt and Band

  24. Hold on (Wilson Phillips)

  25. Surfin' USA with Richie

  26. Fun Fun Fun with Richie