Guitar Center Changes Tune, Launches 'Hair Center'

A statement from Guitar Center on the launch of The Hair Center:

As musicians, we bare our soul on stage, pouring our heart into every note, only to hear our friends say, “Hey, you sounded great, but what’s up with your hair?!”

At Guitar Center, we know performing for a live audience is one of the best feelings on earth and we believe you have the potential to look as good as you sound, night after night.

As part of our mission to help musicians find their sound as well as a new image, we’re introducing The Hair Center. From Wig Racks to Hair Curlers, we’re your one-stop shop for stage-ready hair.

“We're excited to announce the launch of ‘The Hair Center’ to help our customers take their performances to the next level,” says Ron Japinga, CEO and President of Guitar Center. “Comb on down and get the latest gear and accessories to get your rock & faux-hawk on – all in one convenient spot.”

Starting today, shop our vast selection for pumped up strands – and gear – here. From Rock to Blues, Hip-Hop, Jazz or any other music genre, we can help you find the best hairdo to captivate audiences.

And, as a bonus, The Hair Center has also curated our favorite tips & tricks here to let your locks shine on stage with some unexpectedly multi-use gear.

 Happy April Fools’ Day…from The Guitar Hair Center!