Groove U national accreditation

GROOVE U Career Program Achieves National Institution-Level Accreditation

GROOVE U Music Career Program has announced that it has achieved national, institution-level accreditation through the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), a U.S. Department of Education recognized accreditor since 1956. From start to finish, the administration spent the past 15 months working towards accreditation. As a result, GROOVE U completed the 18-month process months ahead of schedule.

"Although we have heard it from employers, community partners, our students and our graduates working in the industry, it is extremely gratifying to receive validation from ACICS that we have indeed built a program that works,” says Dwight Heckelman, GROOVE U’s Founder and Director. “We could not have accomplished this significant milestone without the tireless dedication of GROOVE U’s faculty, staff, advisory boards and community support."

Accreditation, by definition is an independent appraisal of an institution during which the institution’s overall educational quality (including learning and career outcomes), professional status among similar institutions, financial stability and operational ethics are self-evaluated and judged by peers. The process involved attending an ACICS accreditation workshop in Seattle, a detailed review and analysis of GROOVE U’s administration, faculty, curriculum, student learning outcomes, retention, graduation and placement standards and two campus site visits with ACICS evaluators.

A team of five ACICS evaluators visited GROOVE U’s creative campus in May. In the ACICS Initial Grant Visit Report, the team chair, Scot Ober wrote: “The team would like to commend the two members of the management staff for their effective administration of the campus's program and their commitment to student success. The campus is a wonderful and unique facility. Mr. Heckelman and Ms. Sarah Overdier lend a personal touch to student success and involvement.”

The Music Industry Entrepreneurship Diploma program is nationally accredited through ACICS until December 2019, at which time the institution will undergo a renewal process. While institutional accreditation does not guarantee federal financial aid assistance for students, it is an important step towards accepting Title IV (FAFSA) funds.

For more information, visit grooveu.net.