Glass Animals video game app

Glass Animals Release Video Game App

Glass Animals have released the video game app for "Season 2 Episode 3" (S02E03). The app is based on the video game featured in the band's previously released "Season 2 Episode 3" video, transporting the player into the mind of the song's protagonist with retro arcade style graphics. The game, created in partnership with multimedia designer and developer Ashten "Whoopi" Winger can now be downloaded.

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Each of the songs featured on the Glass Animals' sophomore album How To Be A Human Being tells the story of a different character, and the band have created interactive elements to accompany the tracks; in addition to the S02E03 video game app, the band have released a website for "Life Itself" and a Tumblr for "Youth."

Frontman Dave Bayley explains, "You used to get artwork with the music you bought. Now, most people consume music as a track list on a blank background...maybe with a photograph near it the size of a small nipple. These websites will hopefully act as a modern equivalent to what used to come with a physical album. They can give you that insight into the music, allow you to catch references you wouldn't have otherwise, and contextualize the album in an interactive way."

For more information and to download the game, visit glassanimals.eu.