GForce Minimonsta Available Free in Sound Collective

Available through August 5 (4pm GMT), members of Novation’s Sound Collective community can download GForce Software’s Minimonsta emulation of the original Mini, for Mac and Windows (worth £99.99/$129.99) and get a 25% discount code for GForce’s newly released OB-E — a unique take on the legendary 8-Voice, offering complete per-voice control. There is also a 50% discount code to redeem against any of GForce software’s individual instruments.

Modelled on the legendary mono synth, Minimonsta delivers the iconic analogue sound you’d expect from a Mini emulation, but also — as GForce describes it — is “a Mini emulation on steroids.”

Minimonsta has all the features and sounds of the original Mini including accurate waveforms, resonant filter, and ADS envelope generators. There’s also the Mini loop-feedback function and over 6000 factory patches (including many from Rick Wakeman). As well as Mini features, Minimonsta allows the user to assign an LFO to almost any original parameter including filter cutoff, resonance, individual oscillator volumes, and even each envelope parameter. In addition, each LFO has sync, delay, and several shapes.

It’s also possible to dynamically morph between 12 patches within a Meta-Patch thanks to the unique Melohman octave. This gives additional LFOs, ADSRs, and dynamic MIDI control.

GForce’s successful emulation of this classic analogue synthesizer provides a huge library of patches, vast MIDI control possibilities, and its huge tonal range offers an endless supply of inspirational sounds that will satisfy the creative desires of any artist.

Throughout the same period, Sound Collective members can also grab a 25% discount code for GForce’s newly released OB-E and a 50% discount code to redeem against any of GForce software’s individual instruments.

Key features

  • Analogue modelling of the legendary Mini
  • All original features including three oscillators and the famous 4-pole, 24dB/octave filter
  • For Mac and PC in standalone, AU, AAX and VST formats
  • Fully programmable with over 6000 factory patches (including many from Rick Wakeman)
  • Additional LFO and ADSR for modulation of almost every parameter
  • Monophonic, Polyphonic, legato and unison trigger modes
  • Vast MIDI control possibilities
  • Real-time morphing between up to twelve patches via keyboard control
  • External input allows filter to be used as a plug-in effect
  • Delay effect
  • Full automation support

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