Genelec to Host Subwoofers Webinar on April 28

On Tuesday, April 28, from 12:00 to 13:00 CEST (6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. EDT), Genelec will be hosting an exclusive online tutorial, “G*Connect Webinar: Subwoofers: Why you need them, and how to use them,” hosted by Genelec Senior R&D Specialist Darren Rose. Register now here. All those attending will receive a certificate, plus a recording of the webinar 24 hours after the session has finished.

A well-designed subwoofer offers so much more than simply ‘more bass’. Not only can it help you solve particular acoustic issues in your room, but it will also increase the headroom and SPL of your monitoring system, and reduce the distortion of your main monitors – which can then focus their energies on the rest of the frequency spectrum. So whether you’re creating stereo music tracks, or you’re working with surround sound or immersive content, this G*Connect webinar with Darren Rose will explain exactly how a subwoofer could improve the performance of your studio, helping your material translate better to other rooms and systems. Darren will guide you through the principles, the benefits and the correct use of this incredibly important and misunderstood piece of loudspeaker technology.

Darren is a Senior R&D Specialist at Genelec, having joined the company in 2000. Graduating in Electroacoustics from Salford University in the UK, Darren has been a key figure in the design of many of Genelec’s finest products, from the diminutive 6010 to the colossal 1236. The presenter of our popular One Minute Masterclass video series, Darren’s deep technical knowledge is matched by a real-world understanding of the challenges of audio monitoring today.