Dave Keuning at the Roxy in West Hollywood, CA

The Killers guitarist Dave Keuning played a solo show at the Roxy in West Hollywood, CA. For being a member of one of rock’s biggest groups to form in the last two decades and one that has played in over 50 countries in six continents it was special seeing him in this setting. Keuning just released his first ever solo album on Jan. 25 titled Prismism. This was a true solo show as Keuning played a 14-song set with 13-songs from his new album and one cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.” However, Keuning didn’t play the album in order. It was a great show and Keuning’s band is a perfect fit. The band has a very unique sound and Keuning not only plays guitar and sings but also switches between bass and keyboards during the show.


The Queen’s Finest

If You Say So

Broken Clocks

The Night

I Ruined You

Pretty Faithful


Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode)


Boat Accident

Loving is Easy *

Stuck Here On Earth


13. Gimme Your Heart

14. Restless Legs