Sing for Science Podcast to feature Jeff Tweedy, Arlo Guthrie, Margo Price, KoRn

Talkhouse has launched the third season of its groundbreaking, multidisciplinary podcast, Sing For Science. Created and hosted by New York musician Matt Whyte, the series is driven by the goal of inspiring deeper conversations and the pursuit of making connections everywhere they are available. Each episode pairs an acclaimed recording artist with a specially-chosen scientist: by using one of the musician's most beloved songs as the launching pad for a discussion about a specific topic in a connected field, listeners leave with a new piece of knowledge and often a collaborative call to action. 

Additional guests for season three include folk legend Arlo Guthrie exploring nutritional anthropology and how it relates to hunger, war and his 1967 masterpiece "Alice's Restaurant," as well as singer, songwriter and plant enthusiast mxmtoon discussing ethnobotany and her song "Florida." Nick Kroll talks about the Big Mouth theme, pediatric endocrinology, and the science of puberty; Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock and famed mycologist Paul Stamets dive deep into mushrooms, and Margo PriceAlec BenjaminWeezer's Rivers CuomoKorn's Jonathan Davis and Rhiannon Giddens shine a light on reproductive healthcare, psychiatry, computer programming, biology and ethnomusicology, respectively. 

Sing For Science - Season 3 Episode List

1. Wilco's Jeff Tweedy

Consciousness | Shimon Edelman

Less Than You Think: Demystifying the Hard Problem of Consciousness with Computational Psychology 

2. Arlo Guthrie

Nutritional Anthropology | Ellen Messer

Alice's Restaurant: Breaking the Links Between Hunger and War 

3. mxmtoon

Ethnobotany | Cassandra Quave

Florida: Hunting for Plant Medicine in the Everglades 

4. Nick Kroll

Pediatric Endocrinology | Emily Breidbart

I'm Going Through Changes: Adolescent Hormones and the Science of Puberty 

5. Margo Price

Reproductive Healthcare | Monica McLemore

Fight To Make It: Defending Reproductive Healthcare with Evidence-Based Policy Research 

6. Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock

Mycology | Paul Stamets

The Best Room: Upgrading Civilization Through Partnerships with Fungi 

7. Alec Benjamin

Psychiatry | Anna Lembke

Dopamine Addict: Understanding the Brain Mechanisms that Govern Pain and Pleasure 

8. Weezer's Rivers Cuomo

Computer Programming | Guido Van Rossum

Come Undone: Revolutionizing the Digital Age with Open Source Coding 

9. Korn's Jonathan Davis

Biology | Mary Roach

Dead Bodies Everywhere: Postmortem Biology and The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

10. Rhiannon Giddens

Ethnomusicology | Portia Maultsby

At The Purchaser's Option: Mapping the African Diaspora with Ethnomusicology

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