Gator Frameworks Updates its Ultility Carts

Gator Frameworks has announced the release of complementary accessories to its popular Utility Cart. Gator Frameworks introduces the utility cart accessory bag and the lower deck flat surface. These versatile accessories are perfect for traveling musicians, DJs, media, or everyday use and allow for more customized ways to transport your favorite essential gear.

“One of the things that we pride ourselves in at Gator Frameworks is the relationship that we have with our customers. Countless great ideas and feedback come from the people that use our products every day. When we released our Frameworks utility carts, our customers quickly reminded us of all the ‘little things" that get transported on these carts. From cables to stands, and mic clips gaffer tape. All of this is being loaded on the cart along with speakers, drum sets, and other instruments. Our new accessory bag (GFW UTL-CART ACCBAG) and lower deck flat surface (GFW UTL-LD) help keep everything organized and safe on the cart. The accessory bag has many storage pockets and easily attaches to the cart. The LD or “lower deck” helps create a level surface for all of your gear to sit on.

imageGator Frameworks offers over 100 innovative types of stands, hangers, and other accessories for the music, audio, and video industry. Gator Frameworks solutions empower novices and professionals alike, making performing easier and allowing them to focus on doing what they love. Gator Frameworks is always striving to make life easier for musicians and audio/video professionals.

This unique design of the accessory bag slips onto your Utility Cart with ease, creating endless possibilities to hold all your accessories in one place. The bag sets itself apart with seven total pockets perfect for holding anything you need from cables and lenses to effects pedals and tools. The accessory bag also includes a simple removable cinch strap and an additional lower rear pocket for attaching your camera tripod, backdrop stand, mic stand, or speaker stand for added versatility.

imageStacking up gear on your handcart shouldn’t feel like having to solve a puzzle. The lower deck flat surface for the utility card helps provide a safe and sturdy flat surface for stacking all your equipment, protecting all sizes of gear. The lower deck attaches directly to the cart bed frame with ease for effortless assembly. The deck contains a carpeted surface that helps prevent slipping while protecting your gear from dings and scratches while you’re on the move.


The Gator Frameworks utility carts and accessories are available here