Garbage Brings North American Tour to the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA

When it comes to bands that ruled the 90’s, Garbage will forever be one of the most unique groups to come from that decade as well as one of the greatest.

Garbage played the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA on May 16. From opening with “Control” to ending with “When I Grow Up,” Garbage had the audience on their feet. To describe Garbage in one word, I would pick fierce, especially with Manson fronting the group and the way she gets the audience going. Garbage’s set included hits like “Stupid Girl,” I Think I’m Paranoid,” “Only When It Rains,” and “Bad Boyfriend.”

This year marks nearly 25 years since Garbage released their debut album and embarked on their first tour. Comprised of Scottish singer Shirley Manson, guitarist/keyboardist/bassist Duke Erikson, guitarist Steve Marker, and legendary producer/drummer Butch Vig, Garbage is one of few bands to have their original lineup beginning to present even after a few times being on hiatus. All six of Garbage’s studio albums have placed no lower than position 20 on the Billboard 200. On top of six successful albums, Garbage has released over 30 singles and recorded and co-produced the theme song to the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough 20 years ago.

In a world where you can watch live performances of bands online, it has become more difficult to get fans out to shows. For a band like Garbage, live is the only way to go and they have no problem selling tickets. Nothing can possibly come close to what it’s like to experience a Garbage concert other than in-person.

The North American Part of Garbage’s tour ends May 20 in Chicago, IL at the Riviera Theater. Garbage will be touring throughout the U.K. and Europe in June and July.