Latin singer-songwriter Pedro Fernandez brings anniversary tour to Forum in Inglewood, CA

International Latin singer-songwriter and actor Pedro Fernandez performed a sold-out show at the Forum in Inglewood, CA for his 40th-anniversary tour.

Since he first stepped foot in the game in 1978, Fernandez has never shied away from his Mexican roots, always performing with a mariachi band that introduces him right before he comes on stage.  The mariachi band itself is composed of nine men who play trumpets and violins with plenty of enthusiasm and passion, which set the tone for the night.

After the mariachi band played, Fernandez walked down the stairs dressed in a Charro with a Sarape around his back, wearing a giant sombrero. In his outfit standing there on stage commanding the attention of the crowd, Fernandez almost resembled a superhero there to save the day.

Fernandez sang many of his classic hits such as "El Aventurero" in which he sings about liking women who are different shapes, color and sizes — a huge hit with the ladies. But Fernandez's style varies from fun, dance songs to melancholic songs such as "Dicen que los hombres no deben llorar," in which he croons about breaking up with a girl and he doesn’t care whether she leaves him or not.  This song had many people shine their cell phones lights and wave them side-to-side as they shed some tears. Another sad song was ‘Solo Tu’, a relationship song in which Fernandez sings “no matter what the distance is, I can’t wait to feel your lips once again. Only you know how I feel, the way I smile and even the way I cry .... only u know the true me.”

Fernandez made sure to thank his fans for being alongside him even after 40 years in the music business.  While on stage, Fernandez said he appreciates, loves and adores his fans to the fullest. At 49 years of age, Fernandez is no way retiring. His presence and music attract people from all over the world, making him unforgettable.