TidalWave Comics proudly reveals the inclusion of the Foo Fighters in its renowned "Orbit" comic book series, dedicated to influential individuals shaping the world. "Orbit: The Foo Fighters" hits shelves on January 24th.

This latest 22-page comic arrives a year following our exclusive focus on Dave Grohl in a comic. Now, we delve into the band's origins in this comic book format.

Crafted by Todd Matthy with illustrations by Martin Gimenez, this 22-page comic is accessible in digital and print formats, widely available across platforms like Amazon. Additionally, it will launch simultaneously in paperback and hardcover editions on the same day.

About the book: Following the success of the Dave Grohl comic book, TidalWave will feature a new comic featuring the entire band. Get ready to dive deeper into the collective journey of this legendary group!  Emerging from the aftermath of Nirvana's disbandment, a colossal rock group ascended to prominence. However, breaking free from the lingering shadow of his past musical endeavors proved to be a gradual process for Dave Grohl. Explore the narrative of the Foo Fighters, delving into the victories and tribulations encountered on their journey to establishing themselves as the standard-bearers of Rock 'n' Roll. Immerse yourself in the pages of a new comic book biography, unraveling the tale of one of the globe's most renowned bands!

“The story of the Foo Fighters is an inspirational one. From the ashes of Nirvana, the Foo Fighters went from growing pains to flying the flag of Rock N Roll, which they continue to do to this day." said writer Todd Matthy. 

"Drawing the biography about Foo Fighters for a survivor of the '90s and Generation X was beautiful. Truly, Nirvana changed my adolescence and immersed me in the world of grunge and the entire independent music scene. I believe that both Dave and the guys in the band keep that flame burning. Cheers to them!"  Martin Gimenez

Publisher and creative mind Darren G. Davis shared, "Being a reluctant reader, I found comic books remarkably accessible, leading me to believe they hold the power to entertain and educate. Grohl, to me, has been an incredible performer and an icon. These comic books introduce a new demographic to discover and learn about their beloved musicians."

The "Orbit" comic book series has been featured in “Entertainment Weekly”, "Rolling Stone" magazine, "Time" magazine, "People" magazine and has featured musical artists such as John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne and more!

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