Focusrite iTrack Dock

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Focusrite iTrack Dock

Focusrite iTrack Dock is a comprehensive, studio-quality iPad recording interface that acts as the hub of your iPad recording studio. Featuring dual legendary Focusrite microphone preamps, along with two line inputs and an instrument DI with plenty of extra headroom, stereo monitor outputs with 105dB dynamic range plus independently-controlled headphone outputs, and a USB port for class compliant MIDI instruments and controllers, iTrack Dock gives you everything you need to record, monitor and control music on your iPad - with precision Focusrite digital conversion at up to 24-bit, 96kHz sampling. And at the same time it charges and powers your iPad.


For more than 27 years Focusrite has earned its reputation bringing high quality microphone pre amps, audio interfaces and channel strips to renowned producers and artists worldwide. Drawing on this heritage, the Saffire, Scarlett & iTrack ranges of audio interfaces share the same 'attention to sound', bringing professional recording within reach of today's aspiring music makers. Focusrite offer USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt compatible and now Ethernet audio recording solutions. Focusrite prides itself on providing class-leading products and award winning designs for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

  • Retail value of the product $249.99