Fleming Artists Presents Fleming Fest Online This Weekend

Founded in 1979 and with over 40 years of booking experience, agency Fleming Artists is carving a new path forward amid pandemic guidelines to shelter in place, limit crowds and encourage social distancing which has devastated the touring artist community. Fleming Artists is leading its roster with weekly video conferences to update on the evolving “touring climate” and provide workshop opportunities to share expertise and a range of tools to navigate this unique time. Today, Fleming Artists announces the conception and launch of its inaugural Fleming Fest online this weekend on Saturday, 4/11 & Sunday, 4/12.

“This is a challenging time for everyone. With the spread of COVID-19 and the need to close venues and avoid any gatherings, musicians whose livelihoods rely on performances have been hit especially hard. We are presenting Fleming Fest as an opportunity to support and connect with your favorite artists in this difficult time,” says agent Lara Supan.

Between 3-7 pm EDT this Saturday, 4/11 and Sunday, 4/12, the festival features performances by The Accidentals, Alice Howe, Carsie Blanton, Christine Lavin, Crys Matthews, Connie Kaldor, The End of America, Heather Mae, May Erlewine, Ordinary Elephant, Freebo, The Southern Gothic, Joshua Davis, Rachael Kilgour and Stephie James. Artist performance times and information are available at: https://www.flemingartists.com/flemingfest.html

With a diverse pool of artists from singer-songwriter and Award-winning actor Jeff Daniels to Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner Tom Paxton, acclaimed songwriter Erin McKeown and burgeoning talent such as The Accidentals and Carsie Blanton, the Fleming Artists community has pooled its talent and resources to support each other through online weekly workshops. “Each week, agents will give their perspective on the current tour conditions while a moderated panel oversees a variety of helpful topics such as digital platforms (basic set ups and best practices), monetizing (ways to collect, organize, and embed), additional income sources (patrons, grants, loans, unemployment insurance) and collaboration (ideas for online and offline connections with artists),” says agency founder Jim Fleming.

Virtual concerts and tours are becoming abundant as the music community finds its path forward. Fleming Artists is creating a model to assist its roster with media/company-sponsored and self-promoted social media platform performances in addition to hosting its own Fleming Fest.

"It is becoming apparent that what it means to be a booking agent and to support an artist is changing and will forever be changed,” says Ben Potok. “Using technology, we are shaping our agency and carving a path forward with our artists to still have sustainable careers and provide content for their fans through this crisis and beyond, in what will certainly be uncharted territory."

Tune in to Fleming Fest this Saturday April 11 & Sunday, April 12 from 3 pm – 7 pm EDT to support the artists and community.

For more information, contact:
Monica Hopman | [email protected] | 323-661-7802