File Under: Music Launches Defiled Under: Music

File Under: Music, home to bands Bend Sinister, Old Time Machine and Slam Dunk, have announced the launch of Defiled Under: Music – the punk kid who’d rather bang its head against the wall than tap its toes on the floor.  On Jan. 8, 2013 the label will release their first two albums in the US market from the Vancouver-based bands, Hidden Towers and Angry.
Formed in 2009, Hidden Towers have been a maturing idea for close to a decade between Chris Cantrell (vocals, guitar) and Ben Holland (vocals, bass).  Dabbled with off and on in between more active projects and careers, the band had never been given the full chance to exist until now. 2013 marks the most defined and static incarnation of the group, with their full-length album debut, Olympus Mons.  Despite seeing some early success with an EP release in 2009, the band went on hiatus and regrouped in early 2012 to write and record the new album and welcomed new drummer, Jakub Svoboda.  Recorded by Jesse Karr at Rain City Recorders, the 7-track album is already seeing amazing reviews from our friendly neighbors up north.
2012 saw the end of two aggressive Vancouver music juggernauts and the beginning of one of the city’s most talked about hardcore bands, Angry.  Recorded by Stu McKillop at Raincity Recorders, the 9-track album features Richie Fudalewski on guitar, Kyle Ledingham on drums and vocalist Heath Fenton doing what he does best – being ANGRY.  Since recording their freshman album, Wild Ox Shangri-La, Angry have enlisted Raf Ceppetelli as their permanent bass player.
For more info on the label's first two bands and further label announcements, see http://defiledundermusic.com.