F-Pedals Eddie Kramer Bundle Freebie (archive)

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F-Pedals Legends Series is dedicated to those who have made a remarkable footprint in the history of music. As the first line of their Legends Series, the Eddie Kramer Line features purely analog pedals inspired by Kramer's world renowned works over his 50 years of stunning career. These pedals are extremely compact, versatile and yet powerful sounding.

The Edstortion Pedal
With three different distortion technologies built in that are easily selectable by a mini-switch, Edstortion allows you to achieve a wide spectrum of tones from heavy compressed distortion to very subtle crunch with great dynamic. Don’t get fooled by the size—it sounds huge. A great pedal to be the first of your effect chain.

The PhazeVibe Pedal
PhazeVibe takes you to unexplored soundscapes. It’s a Phaser, a Hendrix Uni-vibe, a Wha-wha Vibe and a Leslie, and it’s none of them at the same time—because it is unique:

• Purely Analog
• Revolutionary wireless F-Power built-in & ALSO compatible with standard 9V DC Supply (Center Negative)
• 3 Selectable Modes featuring 3 unique sounds
• 3 Mini controls with easy to read white line indicator
• Compact size - 3.6’’ x 2.0’’ x 1.5’’
• Die cast aluminum enclosure with silkscreen on all sides
• True bypass foot switch
• Comes in a wine-box style wood box and a velvety pouch for optimal protection and storage

F-Logo Standard Medium

F-Pedals was founded with the desire to support the evolution and legacy of music. Its mission is to inspire musicians to continue making great music by adding more colors to their creative palette, and to expand their soundscape through advanced technologies, researches and creative designs.

The team proudly considers themselves a vintage and progressive minded group who believes in respecting and learning from the wisdoms of the past while they thrive to contribute to the future of music. They have been traveling non-stop around the world to search for the best resources in order to bring some of the most innovative products to the market, and their journey is to be continued.

Retail value: $359.00