Manchester-born, South London-based artist Kiran Leonard re-emerges with ‘Treat Me A Stranger’, a beguiling song fragment of fervent, homespun folk in his signature mercurial style, alongside an accompanying video.

Signalling an auspicious new chapter, ‘Treat Me A Stranger’ sees Leonard begin a new year with a new home, by signing to London-based label Memorials of Distinction, a roster that has included the likes of Porridge Radio, caroline, JPEGMAFIA, Naima Bock, Shovel Dance Collective & more.

Anticipating the prospect of new material, ‘Treat Me A Stranger’ is a song of lilting falsetto, imagistic lyricism and ramshackle DIY percussion that gives a tantalizing glimpse into Leonard’s latest work. Described as a form of ‘utilitarian pop’, Leonard reveals the song is inspired by a feeling of relative contentment as well as aspects of roots music, particularly the lyricism of proto-country pioneer Jimmie Rodgers:

“Although the lyrics are mopey, this song comes from a very happy place. I think that a person, an adult, whose heartbreak song is about not wanting to make the bed is probably a happy person…It’s good to aspire to the sort of ‘profound vagueness’ that traditional, or early country, music often has in droves…I was particularly taken by the Jimmie Rodgers song ‘In the Hills of Tennessee’, which simply opens with the lines: “You were right, I was wrong / guess you knew it right along / Sycamore tree, sycamore tree”.”

The video depicts an endearing comic drama of various domestic calamities, and together with the music, provides a charming snapshot of what lies ahead.

After over a decade of unfettered art and music, with output which has expanded the boundaries of his vision, while remaining true to his precocious beginnings - including releases on Moshi Moshi Music, Them There and Boira Discos - Leonard continues to refine his uniquely intricate and articulate music.

Leonard will play new material with a new group featuring the likes of Mike O'Malley (caroline), Magda McLean (caroline, The Umlauts), Joshua Barfoot (Shovel Dance Collective) & Otto Willberg on the 6th March at The Windmill in Brixton, London. Tickets are now sold out, but join the waiting list HERE.