EMG inks deal with Mortal Tendency

Mortal Tendency is a progressive metal project formed from the mind of Keith “Wolf” Dobson ( guitarist of Skulldozer.) The project draws influence from melodic death metal, to thrash metal, to progressive metal. Although it is difficult to compare the project to other bands, one can hear some influence from acts such as Testament, Omnium Gatherum, and Strapping Young Lad, as well as other Devin Townsend Projects. Wolf wanted to achieve a sound that was not only heavy, but could be described as a massive wall of sound. Mortal Tendency was born during the pandemic and takes a look at humanity and its tendency to destroy itself. The debut album “Mortal Tendency” is available on all streaming services beginning September 23, 2023. In addition to the debut, 3 additional albums have already been written and recorded and will be released in order over time. The forthcoming releases are progressively more heavy, bringing elements of chaos mixed with introspection. 

Manager Paul Andrejack had this to say, " Wolf the brainchild behind Mortal Tendency is a driven artist with a constant stream of ideas.

The energy and focus of this band will only benefit their future. Patience, hard work will result in good things to come. They have it all."
Wolf had this to say ,"We are excited to be part of the EMG family and are looking forward to achieving great things with the assistance of Paul Andrejack and his team. As a musician, Wolf has dedicated his life to his craft and is confident that partnership with Paul, EMG, and Mortal Tendency will achieve a level of success we can only dream of. 
The debut is dropping soon so for now check out the bands facebook for updates