Eastwest Hollywood Backup Singers

Believe it or not, EastWest’s Hollywood Backup Singers allows you to type in lyrics and have veteran female singers Durga McBroom, Lorelei McBroom and C.C. White sing them! (You may have heard C.C. in EW’s Voices of Soul collection) There are hundreds of WordBuilder “editable” phrases and words included—familiar, even classic phrases used in pop, soul, and gospel genres. There are also all the necessary phonetic sounds required to build words to customize the vocals.

Hollywood Backup Singers was recorded with a collection of vintage tube microphones at the world famous EastWest Studio 3 in Hollywood, CA. The Play 6 Engine browser has separate Vowels and Cons folders with regularly sung vowel sounds like Ahs, Ehs, Is, Os, Uhs and consonants: b, d, g, j, m, n, r, th, v, e, y, z.

There are also expressive vowels, and sustain expressive vowels. I just loved the “Les” versions with vocal samples recorded through a Leslie speaker cabinet. Each instrument is programmed to crosSolo Phrases are listed by key and feature solo phrases and sub-phrases that were recorded in tune with multiple root note positions for use in a variety of keys and modes. Each of the three singers was recorded in the Solo Phrases, but my favorite HBS bits are when all three singers are recorded ensemble. The Keyswitch feature uses blue-colored keyboard keys to activate different articulations for vowels, consonants and solo phrases, including the “Les” samples.

Hollywood Backup Singers is available for $299 MSRP and is also a free addition for all subscribers of EW’s Composer Cloud. This is the coolest product I’ve seen lately for programming vocals and adding great feeling adlibs and high-style vocal melismas to your music!