Eagulls Discuss How SXSW Led To Getting Signed

Eagulls Discuss how SXSW Played a Role in Getting Signed

Two members of British band, Eagulls (George & Henry) sit down with Music Connection do discuss the changes in their career. Focusing on South by Southwest, George and Henry explain how the band met Partisan Records at least year's festival.

MC: Its your second time at SXSW. Is it different than the previous year?

Eagulls: Its a lot different this time, we're playing a lot bigger type of venues, last year we played more dive bars. It was more of an adventure, this time its more scheduled. We like schedule, we like routine, we've been so busy this year we haven had much time but we managed to see some bands like, Gary Newman and Destruction Unit, we're just trying to fit everyone in.

MC: Last year you weren’t signed at  SXSW. Tell us about the difference.

Eagulls: We met Partisan last year and that’s where it all started and that's why we're back, I don’t think we would have came back if we hadn’t met them, it's like our one year anniversary.

MC: So SXSW is a great way for emerging artists to network?

Eagulls: I think so it's hit and miss, we just wanted to do what we wanted to do luckily we ended meeting a bunch of  people who are Partisan who are like family and work with us really well, some bands it’s a good opportunity but some bands can come out and go into dilution of water. You can't expect things to happen you’ve got to work hard and be yourself.

MC: Critics are saying your music is the forefront of a less polished rock sound. What do you think catches peoples attention about your music?

Eagulls: A lot of it has to do with the fact that were very truthful and we mean it there's a lot of bands that make music just to make music, it's one of those things that it will stand out more prominent if its real. That’s what we try to go by, explaining emotions properly instead of just writing a new song, its important we stay truthful to ourselves.

MC: Tell us about your experience being on David Letterman. Did you ever expect to be on the show?

Eagulls: We were walking through New York last year and someone from our label said that's where David Letterman's at, you'll play that one day and then a few months later we were on stage there, it felt good.

The album just came out, full U.S. and  U.K. tour [coming up]. Shout out to Partisan records!!

Interview by Victoria Patneaude
Recorded by Siri Svay and Victoria Patneaude
Additional Photos by Jody Domingue