Dweezil Zappa Auctions Memorabilia on ANALOGr

ANALOGr, distributor for unique music memorabilia, has announced the exclusive auction of items from the personal collection of Grammy-winning guitarist and composer Dweezil Zappa. The Dweezil Zappa ArtistFirst Collection offers fans a rare opportunity to own pieces with significant historical and sentimental value tied to Dweezil's illustrious career and his father, Frank Zappa's musical legacy.

Dweezil Zappa's musical journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. From learning from the likes of Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen to carving out his own niche in the music industry, Dweezil has left an indelible mark. His diverse career includes composing for television, acting, hosting, and his notable involvement in Reward Music, a web-hosting business solution platform.
Hot Rats Gibson Les Paul: A faithful recreation of the Gibson Les Paul Gold Top famously played by Dweezil's father during the recording sessions of the classic album "Hot Rats." This guitar, enhanced with modern features, including a piezo pickup and modified Bigsby bridge, was wielded by Dweezil during his 2020 tour, where he performed the entire "Hot Rats" album live.
Madonna Jackson Guitar: A custom Dinky Strat from Jackson Guitars, adorned with the iconic cover of Madonna's "True Blue" album. This guitar, signed by Madonna herself, serves as a testament to Dweezil's innovative spirit and his bold attempt to infuse rock guitar into pop music.
Cornford MK-5 Head and Cabinet: Used on Dweezil's inaugural tour playing his father's music in 2006, this all-analog guitar rig, featuring the Cornford MK-50 amp and cab, is immortalized in the "Zappa Plays Zappa" DVD.
Tannoy System 12 DMT Speakers: Offering two sets of Tannoy Speakers, one from Dweezil's childhood home and the other from his mini studio within his father's UMRK studio, these speakers served as invaluable reference monitors throughout Dweezil's career.

Korg Miku Pedals: A collection of guitar pedals, including the quirky Korg Miku pedals, which Dweezil experimented with to create unique vowel sounds. Now, fans have the opportunity to explore their own sonic landscapes with these distinctive pedals.
The auction of Dweezil Zappa's ArtistFirst Collection coincides with his highly anticipated 2024 tour, "Dweezil Zappa ROX(POSTROPH)Y Return Of The Son Of... Celebrating 50 Years of Apostrophe(') and Roxy & Elsewhere." This tour marks Dweezil's triumphant return to the stage, featuring a new band and 30 electrifying shows across the US from August 1 to September 11, 2024.
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