Dropkick Murphys Donates to Boston Marathon Bombing Victims


The Claddagh Fund, the charitable foundation of the Dropkick Murphys, created by band founder, Ken Casey, has donated over $300,000 to over 60 victims affected by the tragic events surrounding the Boston Marathon.

The three-year old foundation created a specific fund following the bombings, with 100% of the proceeds disbursed directly to the victims and their families. Relying on the amazing generosity of the fans of the Dropkick Murphys and the outpouring of support for Boston received from around the world, the band launched a three-pronged "For Boston" campaign to raise the money. The band created and sold a benefit t-shirt, hosted a concert at the House of Blues on April 28th and released a special charity EP featuring three Dropkick Murphys songs, including the recording of "Rose Tattoo" with Bruce Springsteen. The foundation also hosted and was the beneficiary of fundraisers in Boston, LA and Tampa and received straight donations to raise additional funds for the victims.

The Claddagh Fund released the majority of the funds last week, visiting with many victims in person. "Every single person we had the pleasure of meeting expressed a positive attitude and an incredible sense of perseverance as they work hard to return to the lives they enjoyed before the tragic day in April," said Ken Casey. He added, "we were humbled by the kindness of our friends and fans who got behind this cause with so much heart and passion. It was truly an honor to be able to repres

ent them and contribute, even if in a small way, to help these inspirational individuals."

The Claddagh Fund will be receiving additional proceeds from the iTunes sale of the charity EP in September and through the sale of additional shirts created and sponsored by Inked Magazine and Steadfast Brand, as the Gaslight Anthem. These funds will be provided as soon as possible to the victims based on a need-basis, to assist with hospital bills, rehabilitation and adaptive expenses.