Zoey G

DIY Spotlight: Zoey G

On the surface, Zoey G seems like your average fun-loving Latin-American teenager, but her passion for writing pop music is otherworldly. Through the use of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Zoey connects directly with her fans.

That allows her to share her hobbies, her love for her pet and display her musical abilities. As such, she has garnered an organic and genuine following based on relatability and authenticity.

As a toddler, Zoey’s father was an important influence on her love of music. He would walk around the house while playing guitar and Zoey wanted to do the same. At age four, her hands couldn’t reach around the neck of the guitar to form chords, so she began playing piano, and later picked up the alto sax in middle school. Afterwards came the ukulele, and more recently drums and bass.

Her sources of music? Her family’s iPod and her dad’s love of 1980s music. While she may have been influenced by her family’s musical tastes, “Runaway,” the first song off her upcoming EP, is her very own.

Zoey G is the type of artist who believes it’s okay to step outside of the norm, and to not always have to fit into society’s cookie-cutter mold. Indeed, her new single, “Runaway,” is based on her desire to run away from society’s standards. Her mantra is that it’s not only okay to be different, but also that those differences should always be celebrated.

For more info, go to thezoeyg.com