The West Coast Feed

DIY Spotlight: The West Coast Feed

Backed with a powerful sound and meaningful lyrics, The West Coast Feed (TWCF) embody passion, hope and altruism through their music. Based out of Seattle, they honor the collective legacies of Memphis, Muscle Shoals and New Orleans. Eight members strong, their music swaggers with an electrifying soul-rock experience.  The rhythm section’s tight backbeat, the vibrant three-man horn section, tandem electric guitars and a soaring violin set the stage for charismatic frontman, Jesse Butterworth.

All good… until Butterworth jumped off the drum riser and fractured his leg, possibly putting an end to their dream. Nevertheless, drawing from his distressing experience, he channeled his hopes, struggles and frustrations into lyrics.

“You Belong To Me”, the first single from their debut album, touches on the adoption of Butterworth’s daughter from Ethiopia. Due to the cause being so close to the band’s heart, philanthropic support is a central theme to TWCF’s mission as artists.

Partnering up with two non-profit organizations, Charity Water and All God’s Children, the band use their platform to help those in need. Indeed, they recently donated $30K to Charity Water, which provides drinking water to developing countries. They also donated proceeds from their CD release show to All God’s Children, the agency that aided Butterworth’s adoption process. The West Coast Feed continue to passionately advocate for charities while simultaneously pouring themselves into their music. The release of their self-titled album showcases their instrumental diversity and explores themes such as hope, despite obstacles, and reaching one’s full potential.

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