DIY Spotlight: Renay

Renay (née Renee) means “to be reborn” in French, a name that accurately describes an artist defined by a perpetual renaissance of sound that produces multi-genre music. Renay is a pop artist, singer-songwriter, and producer-engineer based in the San Francisco Bay area. She has developed a bilingual repertoire, crossing Latin, reggae and alternative rock rhythms under several pseudonyms; “Renay” is her name as a pop/electronic artist.

Utilizing her skills for sound engineering and producing, Renay makes music that presents a unique soundscape that highlights her Bolivian/Dutch roots. Penning songs about empowerment and diversity, Renay was born to sing and write music. Writing daily, she feels blessed with the gift to channel voices, which would otherwise go unheard. Her work has been compared to Sade, Gwen Stefani, Morcheeba and Massive Attack.

The artist’s latest single, “Wanna Share,” is a universal love song of empowerment, recognizing your own worth and still allowing yourself to share your life with someone else. Renay presents a powerfully clear vocal lead, relaying the importance of “being at peace with yourself, focusing on becoming your best, not compromising.” The track was brought to life with the help of co-producers BTWN Productions.

For more information on Renay’s journey, visit RenayMusic.com.