Nadia Vaeh

DIY: Nadia Vaeh

Nadia Vaeh is a believer in the power of pop music, even if it means giving it a darker spin for the sake of honesty. Born in one of today’s biggest music hubs—Atlanta, GA—she displayed a love of singing early on that led her mother to enroll her in the Atlanta Youth Choir when she was only seven. From there, Vaeh’s passion for music turned into a drive for songwriting and various stints in local bands during her teens. Throughout her journey, she’s found herself in traveling choirs, multi-genre projects and even the local Atlanta circus.

This journey was abruptly sidetracked at 17, however, with the devastating death of her mother—a poet and crucial influence in her life. This led to a period of deep pain and instability. Soon enough, Vaeh was ready to return to music. Pushing through the hardships of the industry and the moments of—as she puts it—“learning things the hard way,” she put out seven singles in 2019 alone. Vaeh’s music embraces her traumas as part of her artistic voice; she feels that her authenticity is not only healing for herself but can also help her listeners to get through their own struggles. This artist’s deeply personal stories of love, lust, growth and inner strength sit comfortably atop stylish and morose electronic production reminiscent of Dua Lipa and even Billie Eilish. Coupled with catchy melodies and trendy drum programming, Vaeh’s voice is emotive.    

In addition to her single releases and international radio airplay, 2019 saw Vaeh come out with a mesmerizing cover of the somber Nirvana classic “Heart-Shaped Box.” With a story and message all of her own, and plenty more music on the way, Nadia Vaeh is determined to make waves in the world of alt-pop. To keep up with her future releases and performances, visit NadiaVaeh.com.