ACA Galleries

ACA Galleries Holds Mellencamp/Rauschenberg Exhibit

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, ACA Galleries held a private reception to celebrate the opening of Binding Wires, a 2-man exhibition featuring artworks by John Mellencamp and Robert Rauschenberg. The exhibition is open to the public on Thursday, Oct. 24, and is on view through Saturday, Dec. 21This exhibition investigates the dynamic juxtapositions of two bodies of work: Mellencamp’s sculptural assemblages and portraits alongside Rauschenberg's mixed media artworks.

In attendance were John Mellencamp and his nephew Ian Mellencamp, Bill Clinton, Jonny Lennon, Rory Tahari, Gabe Kilongo, Abdul K. Franklin, Allen & Debbie Grubman, Tim Okamura, Leo Kuelbs, Scott Landis, Alex Wiederin and Elina Kremer, Michael Deutsch, Jill Costas, Jim Bessman and Sandra Bernhard, Monte and Avery Lipman, Joan and Gary Friedman, Jesse Keyes, Anna Martucci, Tolomy and Danielle Erpf, Maureen McCarran, Ann Edelberg, Scott Landis, Sydney Maag along with guests and many more.

Photos by Myrna Suarez and Romy Treebusch