DIY Spotlight: Girli

Rising electro pop star Girli (stylized as girli) loved performing for people and being on stage from childhood. 

“My parents are actors and I was so inspired and enthralled by the idea of performing for an audience and making them feel things,” she says. “I started my first band when I was 15 to escape from the horrible time I was having at school. It gave me a chance to escape my reality, meet new people, and think about the future. I had started going to gigs that year and the idea of writing my own songs and performing was so exciting. Writing songs came naturally to me because I loved writing fiction and short stories and poetry already, so I started singing those stories instead.” 

Girli now describes her sound as, “left-field, quirky alt-pop that’s vulnerable but also bold as fuck.” Her latest release is the Matriarchy album, which she recorded over eight months from the end of 2022, in London, Stockholm and L.A. 

“The songs are about how I was experiencing my queerness at that time, how heartbreak was tearing me apart but also rebuilding me better, about experiencing healthy love for the first time, my struggles with my mental health, learning self-love and healing from everything," Girli says. "It’s a rollercoaster of an album.” 

For Girli, “DIY” means having complete creative control over her art. 

“Making all the major decisions about my project and being in full control of my touring, merch, and with an independent music distributor,” she says. 

Girli spent the last part of 2023 in internet hibernation, prior to her plans for a big 2024. 

“I always take like three weeks off social media over the holidays, it’s important to me to reset and manifest for the next year,” she says. “ 

For more information, visit girlimusic.com