DIY Spotlight: Aiym

DIY Spotlight: Aiym

Alt-pop artist Aiym (Almas) began paving her DIY path through music at a young age. Hailing from Kazakhstan, she discovered American pop music and was drawn to acts like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, though alternative rock has been an equally important part of her musical palette.

She says that the first time she heard Led Zeppelin’s “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” it was a life-changing moment.

Independently spirited, she taught herself how to play guitar, piano and ukulele and spent several years studying music.

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The artist’s music has been described as a fusion of rock, soul, pop and electronica, which carries a lot of power via strong vocals and instrumentation yet has an underlying melancholic tone.
Aiym’s songs tend to be honest and haunting tales that transport listeners to a surreal setting where the mind is free, without limitations.

Her latest single, “You Must Be True,” is a hauntingly beautiful track about searching for true love. The song is a stunning display of Aiym's talent for crafting alternative pop.
The song will be on her upcoming EP, due later this year. She is currently playing shows around Los Angeles with a full band promoting her project.

Photo by Kelly Elaine

To learn more, check out AiymAlmas.com