Adam Prince King

DIY Spotlight: Adam Prince King

U.K.-based eccentric, pop powerhouse Adam Prince King (APK) has always been himself… unapologetically. With an outlandish fashion sense and a quirky moustache, he challenges people’s pre-conceived notions about gender and sexuality. He bravely puts himself out into the world in his own DIY fashion.

APK writes and performs infectious British pop tunes that make you want to dance, cry or go completely crazy all at the same time. He became a success practically overnight with his self-released debut-single “Flamingos” amassing over 100,000 views on YouTube in just over a month. That got the attention of a small indie label called Little Assembly, who offered him a deal.

Just in time for Halloween, “Witches” is his latest single off his upcoming self-titled debut EP. In the song, he pays homage to one of his favorite holidays with eerie and mysterious twists and turns that teasingly play with listeners’ minds and emotions.

Recently, he’s been featured on Spotify’s much-coveted “Hiptronix Fresh Finds” playlist, and is currently awaiting the release of his EP—due to drop in November.

Obviously influenced by the likes of David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Madonna and Prince, Adam Prince King is ready to shake up the pop scene in his own unique style.

For more info, visit AdamPrinceKing.com.