DIY Spotlight: Abigail Barlow

A lot has happened to Abigail Barlow during her career already. As one half of Barlow & Bear, she won a Grammy for The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical, in the Best Musical Theater Album category in 2022, despite Netflix filing and later dropping a lawsuit.

She has a new single called “Rock Bottom,” which she has released herself, despite label interest following that Grammy win. She’s had an up-and-down time of it, and the song sees her reflecting on that. To be fair, it’s been quite a journey.

“I’ve been singing and dancing since I was a wee babe, but songwriting became a main focus of mine in my teenage years,” she says.

Barlow describes her solo sound as Katy Perry-meets-Alan Menken. 

“I love the bubblegum pop sound of the 2010s, with the theatrical storytelling and timeless melodies of the mastermind behind so many of my favorite Disney musicals,” she says. 

As well as the “Rock Bottom” single, Barlow’s Princess Pop album will be released early in 2024.

“‘Rock Bottom’ is the first single off my album Princess Pop: A Musical Fable, dropping in 2024,” she says. “This project has been a way to tell my story. To let my fans in on my POV, experiences I’ve had, and lessons I’ve learned. Each song was written with a different crew of collaborators at different times over the last two years, and tells a piece of my story through the lens of a different fairytale.”

Having made the choice to do this herself, Barlow has no regrets.

“The music industry is not what it once was, and that’s great in some respects and not so great in others,” she says. “As an independent artist, I try to look at the silver lining that being DIY means owning all of my music, having creative power over my project, and integrity in what my brand and messaging is.”

For more information, visit abigailbarlowmusic.com.