Devo's Bob Casale Dies At 61

2D11661345-140218-bob-casale-devo.blocks_desktop_largeOriginal Devo member, guitarist Bob Casale, has died. He was 61. According to brother Gerald Casale, death was the result of heart failure while undergoing a test after experiencing stomach ailments for which he’d been hospitalized. Born and raised in Akron, OH, Bob Casale joined his brother Gerald and Mark Mothersbaugh in forming the innovative band Devo, in the early 1970s, along with Bob Mothersbaugh and Alan Myers. According to Gerald Casale, he and brother Bob were recently putting the finishing touches on “Devo Online School,” which they envisioned as a web-based place to learn how to write songs with digital tools or how to write a score for a TV commercial. Gerald says he is still looking for investors for the project. The band will continue with plans to tour this summer in celebration of its 40th anniversary. Bob Casale is survived by his wife Lisa, son,Alex, and daughter Samantha.