Deep Cuts Summer Grooves Trivia is here!

Join hosts Robert von Goeben (a.k.a. Bobby the Beerslayer) & DJ Mackmatic for the WORLD'S MOST POPULAR MUSIC TRIVIA - Wednesday, July 28 - broadcasting LIVE from the beaches (?) of Woburn, MA!!

Deep Cuts Trivia is the brainchild of Bobby the Beerslayer, whose diverse career has included stints as a professional drummer, a record company executive, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and the founder of a global toy company. He is the author of seven books on various topics, including The Deep Cuts Big Book of Musical Trivia. He's been featured in scores of media, from NBC News to The Wall Street Journal, and in TV commercials for Chase Bank and Dell Computers.

Deep Cuts points out that there was once a first golf tournament, a first chess tournament, and of course, a first football championship. It just takes a maniacally dedicated individual and organization with the foresight and organizational skills to unite a sport. Von Goeben and Deep Cuts are well positioned to be the pioneer of music trivia.

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Deep Cuts Music Trivia is a hastily conceived and poorly executed (though immensely popular) music trivia event produced over Zoom.

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