Daniel Oakfield

New Music Critique: Daniel Oakfield


U.K.-based Daniel Oakfield’s themes follow a familiar formula: an epic and mysterious ambience sets a serene mood for an emerging 4/4 beat that builds gradually to a climax. “Triangulum” is an example. What’s distinctive is the inclusion of a singer who chants “I’ve been waiting...all this time,” repeating and repeating the words like a haunting incantation. “Dorado-Mensa” stands out a bit when its last section transforms dramatically with sounds that buzz and purr. In “Serpens Caput” the artist adds unique flavors of guitar and drums to the formula, making it rise like a march. This last theme would seem to be a good choice to add atmosphere to a feature film’s website.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: danieloakfield.com/
Seeking: Film/TV, Distribution
Style: Post Electronic Rock, Soundscapes