Daniel Baron: Artist, Songwriter and Composer

In 2009 Daniel Baron was one of the Top 10 finalists in Idols South Africa. That was an important first step, leading Baron to contribute songs and score to the upcoming American documentary about the plight of orphans worldwide, Both Ends Burning.

“After the competition I finished school and decided that I needed to go on a trip of musical self discovery to the States,” Baron remembers. “I suppose it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time and I was scouted by the film producer, Craig Juntunen. He was in search of a song that would help spread the message.”

In the span of five days Baron wrote a song to the film title, “Wrongfully Detained,” which Juntunen chose as the main theme song and asked Baron for more. The crew then flew Baron to Ethiopia to shoot a music video.

Even after the film changed title to Both Ends Burning, Baron was kept on board. “I kept in mind the powerful visuals and memories that I had of Ethiopia,” Baron says. “A large part of the songs are very cinematic and orchestral driven. It was the producer’s idea to add my music to the score, which was a great honor.”

While he’d like to create more film scores, both Baron and the Both Ends Burning organization need to get this one to the screen first. It has been seen at film festivals here in the US. Baron is helping to push the upcoming film in his own way, including the music and video for “Wrongfully Detained” on his debut CD as well as another one of the soundtrack songs, Both Ends Burning.

By Tom Kidd