Cutting Edge Conference Returns to New Orleans in August

The 31st Annual Cutting Edge CE Conferences & Events will return to New Orleans, LA from August 24 – 26, 2023 at the InterContinental Hotel New Orleans. Law seminars, songwriter camps, performance showcases and more will be offered.

Entertainment Law Seminar Bar AccreditationArtists Performance Deadline - July 1 Cutting Edge Entertainment Law Seminar · Music Business Sessions · Film, Interactive, and Creative Industries · NewWorks Artists Showcase · Roots Music Gathering This course is approved for a total of 16.00 hour(s) of credit, including 1.00 hour(s) of ethics, 1.00 hour(s) of professionalism, and 1.00 hour(s) of law office practice by the MCLE Committee of the Louisiana State Bar Association.*See the program below*
New Orleans: Artists interested in performing in the NewWorks Showcase have until July 1 to apply. Showcase artists receive an all-access pass to all Cutting Edge events and activities. Conference activities areMusic Business Sessions,Entertainment Law Seminar,SpringBoard’s Moment of Truth,Recording Room (live sessions, recording techniques deep dive, Presentations), andone-on-one, roundtable discussions.Unique Panels and Events:
Educators Panel: Hosted by Peter Cho, Ph.D., Executive Dean Delgado Community College West Bank Campus – Discussion on challenges, successes, and new focus in Music Education. 
Film Industry Meetup – Hosted by Louisiana Produces Meetup - annual meet and greet.Roots Music Gathering - Tribute to Wilson "Willie Tee" Turbinton
Lifetime Achievement, Music Influencer, and Community Service Awards Show

Cutting Edge Songwriters Camp: Hosted Commerical Songwriting RoomsPerformance locations are:Hi-Ho Lounge - The Hi-Ho Lounge is a legendary neighborhood bar & live music venue located in the vibrant St. Claude Ave. A Live music venue with a bohemian vibe; a mainstay for indie bands, DJs, burlesque & other acts.Voodoo Garden @House of Blues – Outdoor venue in the Historic French QuarterBig Mama’s Lounge @House of Blues – Great showcase venue on Decatur St. in the House of Blues ComplexPete’s Pub @InterContinental Hotel – Conference Hotel's venueCutting Edge Songwriters Camp “Songwriters Expo” @New Orleans Jazz Museum Performance Center – The premiere performance hall in NOLACutting Edge Creative Workshops and Festival @New Orleans Jazz Museum Education Hall, Courtyards & Balcony – On the grounds and education roomsRegister2023 Music Business TopicsSongwriting MetadataTechno-tainmentBetter Recording for your next albumConcerts in the Metaverse – What Does it Mean for indie artistsInfluencers and the Artist SongEvent ProductionTouring and ManagementGet your Synch Rights StraightWhat are DSPs (Digital Service Providers) and Digital Distributors, and what do they do to earn the artist's moneyBreakout Sessions in Live Recording Room - Getting the Best Sound from your PA System -  Common Mistakes in the Studio - Recording Sessions for Songwriters - MoreWhat is the intersection between your song and the Metaverse? The 31st Cutting Edge CE Conference and Events' Keynote Speaker, Eric Alexander, Founder and CEO of Soundscape VR - The Musical Metaverse, will answer that question and more. Eric will be joined by Songwriters, Publishers, Managers, Record Executives, Producers, and Entertainment Experts as we look into the future of music presentation and the value of songs in the Metaverse.Eric Alexander is the metaverse innovator and creator of Soundscape, the world's longest-running VR music destination.

Alexander has been exploring the intersection of art and technology for over 25 years, and in 2014 his passion for audiovisual arts led to the inception of his most ambitious project yet. Working his day job as a scientist while moonlighting as a solo developer, Alexander began transmuting his vision of the future of music into (virtual) reality. At 29, Alexander retired and utilized his newfound freedom to get pulled even deeper into his art. 

The official launch of Soundscape VR in April 2017 attracted creatives from across the globe, and Alexander relocated to Denver to found Groove Science Studios. Through his direction and artistic vision, Alexander has self-funded and built Groove Science Studios into one of the most exciting companies today- and one of the most ethical. With no in-game ads, no selling of user data, and no corporate sponsorship - plus an ongoing partnership with Conscious Alliance - Soundscape VR has become a platform for good, an oasis far from the digital wasteland of today. 

Regarded by many as the world's foremost authority on music-themed VR, Alexander has pioneered numerous advancements driving the music industry's latest technological revolution. Major world-first achievements include:First VR Music Venue (The Black Sun - 2014)
First Metaverse AI (Sonic AI - 2016)
First VR/MR Live Music Stage (SVR @ Burning Man 2017)
First VR/MR Festival Live Stage (SVR LIVE @ Hulaween 2018)
First VR Open-World Music Festival (Soundscape Universe - 2019)
First Music MMORPG (Sound(E)scape - 2020)
First Solo-Produced VR/MR/XR Live Concert (Silica Sol presents: Artist Link - 2020)
First Level 2 Metaverse Concert (Magic Mirror - 2021)
First Multi-Stage VR Music Festival (Soundscape Metaverse - 2022)
First Level 3 Metaverse Concert (Soundscape PC - 2022)Cutting Edge CE Conferences and Events produces several activities during its multi-day event. These activities unfold with the generous support of collaborators, sponsors, and our speakers/presenters.For 31 years, the Cutting Edge CE Conference has focused on hot topics and current trends in today's music industry. Cutting Edge offers a diverse selection of panel topics for both the novice and the seasoned professional.The Cutting Edge Entertainment Law Seminar (accredited by the LA State Bar Association) is one of the oldest continually running entertainment CLE programs in the U.S. Location: InterContinental HotelThe Music Business Sessions provide essential industry information and connections to musicians and entertainment professionals. Location: InterContinental HotelFree to the publicNewWorks Artist Showcase Festival performance allows artists' music to be their best publicity.The Roots Music Gathering is "still committed to the Roots" and will host oral histories, lecture demonstrations, the Ultimate Sideman Presentation, and panel discussions on roots music. Location: New Orleans Jazz MuseumWorkshops for Creatives provide creative entrepreneurs to get hands-on assistance from experts. Location: New Orleans Jazz MuseumCutting Edge uses its forum to produce new activities throughout the year.Register31st CUTTING EDGE ENTERTAINMENT LAW SEMINARThe 31st Cutting Edge Entertainment Law Seminar, August 24 – 26, will address closely watched legal topics affecting the techo-tainment of the Metaverse to music ownership in modern entertainment. Select presentations on sources of entertainment royalties, audiobooks/narration/podcasts, and essential agreements to consider for film projects will round out the program.2023 CLE panels topics (subject to change): 31st AnnualCUTTING EDGE ENTERTAINMENT LAW SEMINARAugust 24, 25, 26, 2023New OrleansInterContinental New Orleans HotelA Brave New World in Entertainment LawCovering“AI – Publishing – Trademark – Films – Literary Publishing – Audio Production Legal Consideration -  Transactional Issues”This course is approved for a total of 16.00 hour(s) of credit, including 1.00 hour(s) of ethics, 1.00 hour(s) of professionalism, and 1.00 hour(s) of law office practice by the MCLE Committee of the Louisiana State Bar Association.Thursday, August 24, 20239:00 AM – 10:00 AM           Professionalism – The Ornery Adversary [Legal/ CLE 1.0 cr. hr.]What do you do when the attorney on the other side is unprofessional, nasty, or simply impossible? What do you do when you have an adversary who stalls, doesn’t return calls, or delays matters? How do you get the most out of your negotiation? How do you save a deal from going south?Speakers:10:15 AM – 11:15 AM        Sorting Out Rights in Band Names [Legal/ CLE 1.0 cr. hr.]This presentation examines – through classic and new court decisions – how rights in bands names are determined among group members, between different bands, in concept groups and as to third parties, including personal managers and record labels. Federal trademark rights, state false advertising laws and other applicable laws will be explained.Speakers:11:30 AM – 12:30 PM         Trademarks Essentials: Avoiding and resolving disputes. What’s in a name? [Legal/ CLE 1.00 cr. hrs.]How selecting a company name, logos, branding merchandise raise issues of control. Logos v. slogans v. word trademarks: Branded what can and what cannot. Discussion of recent cases on brands, conflicting rights, and the unauthorized use of word trademarks or marketing campaigns.Speakers:12:30 Break1:00 PM – 2:15 PM             Turning The Beat Around: Co-Authorship, Co-Producer and Copyright Infringement Claims Brought by Beat Creators and Defenses to Such Claims [Legal/ CLE 1.25 cr. hr.]Between click through agreements, social media and the internet at large, beats, underlying music beds, are freely exchanged and circulated in the music world. Without appropriate contracts and documentation in place, the practice of allowing others to hear, share or use your beats creates fertile ground for claims of copyright infringement, joint authorship and/or producer credit depending upon the relevant facts. These claims and the defenses to such claims present many challenges to the practitioner.Speakers:2:30 PM – 3:45 PM             AI vs. Generative AI Intellectual Property Isssues in the Web 3.0 World [Legal/ CLE 1.25 cr. hrs.]This panel will cover understanding AI and Data Rights, current legislation and case law. The discussion will include AI involvement in the Metaverse (Web3), AL involvement in NFTs and art/music generation and the legal implication of generative AI.Speakers:4:00 PM – 5:30 PM             The Legal and Business Essentials of a Literary Publishing Deal   [Legal/ CLE/Business 1.5 cr. hr.]This panel will discuss various forms of content creation, licensing and marketing of Book Publishing.Speakers:Friday, August 25, 20239:00 AM – 10:00 AM          Ethics: Vernon P. Thomas Ethics Presentation [Legal/ CLE 1.0 cr. hr.]This panel will cover rules of professional conduct and Social Justice areas.Speakers:10:15 AM – 11:15 AM        Audiobooks, Narrations and Podcasts Legal and Production Considerations [Legal/ CLE 1.0 cr. hr.]This panel will cover Audiobooks and AI, producer’s licensing issues, securing rights and understanding liabilities and issues pertaining to narrations contracts for services, rate of pay and who owns finish product.Speakers:11:30 AM – 12:30 PM         Trademarks Essentials: Avoiding and resolving disputes. What’s in a name? [Legal/ CLE 1.00 cr. hrs.]How selecting a company name, logos, branding merchandise raise issues of control. Logos v. slogans v. word trademarks: Branded what can and what cannot. Discussion of recent cases on brands, conflicting rights, and the unauthorized use of word trademarks or marketing campaigns.Speakers:1:15 PM – 2:00 PM Developing Writers and Artists in 2023 [Legal/ CLE .75 cr. hr.]The panel is focused on what deals look like from the guys developing talent and writing the checks. Something that most attorneys needs to understand.Speakers:2:15 PM – 3:30 PM “Where the $ Comes From” [Legal/ CLE 1.25 cr. hr.]   Performances, Synch Licensing, Mechanicals, Sound Recordings, Neighboring Rights and Foreign Countries-these are the primary sources of royalties and fees for songwriters, composers, writer/artists and their representatives-music publishers and record companies.   This panel will discuss the entities that negotiate, collect and distribute music rates and royalties, the areas where there is no negotiation, the actual monies being paid to songwriters and artists and the future of creative compensation. Areas covered include audio and audio-visual streaming services, traditional broadcast and cable television, radio, video games, advertising commercials, consumer products, “catalogue” musicals, holograms and more.Speakers:3:45 PM – 5:00 PM            

The Fundamentals of a Film Distribution Deal [Legal/ CLE 1.25 cr. hr.]Speakers:Saturday, August 26, 20239:00 AM – 10:00 AM           Legal Practice Management: Do’s and Don’ts of Building a Successful Entertainment Law Practice [Legal/ CLE 1.0 cr. hr.]New Orleans has become a hub for music, film and TV industries, but what does it mean for an attorney and independent music and filmmaking clients. This panel will walk you through maintaining communication with clients, client funds management, and making sure the filmmaker/client engagement letters are correct. Review user-generated content rights and procedures with filmmaker clients. Establishing a disbursement system for staff fees payment. Review intellectual property agreements, tax credit financing incentives, and distribution.Speakers:10:15 AM – 11:15 AM -      New Trends in Synch and Masters Use LicensingThis panel’s discussion will extend to multiple music licenses use in Film/TV, Podcast and the Metaverse. [Legal/ CLE 1.0 cr. hr.]Speakers:11:30 AM – 1:00 PM           “The Changing World of Music Publishing Agreements 2023”[Legal/CLE 1.5 cr. hr.]Single Song, Exclusive Songwriter, Co-Publishing, Participation, Administration, Joint Venture, Collaboration, Sample and Foreign Sub-Publishing-these are the primary Music Publishing Agreements governing songwriters and composers. This panel will discuss the most important provisions of each of these agreements, what’s negotiable and what’s not, what the financial impact is when one signs these agreements and most importantly, how these agreements have changed in recent years.  Whether you are your own publisher, signed to an independent publisher or major publisher or just starting out, knowledge of how the music publishing business works is essential to a successful career.Register

Speakers:2023 Entertainment Law Seminar Speakers (Subject to change)Stephanie Furgang Adwar, Esq., Furgang & Adwar, LLP, New York, NYTodd Brabec Esq., former ASCAP Executive Vice President, co-author "Music, Money and Success," Adjunct Professor USC·      Jeff Brabec, Esq., Senior Vice President Legal and Business Affairs BMG, Board member The MLC, co-author "Music, Money, and Success," Adjunct Professor USCBrian Caplan, Esq., Reitler Kailas & Rosenblatt, LLPDarryl Cohen, Esq., Cohen, Cooper Estep & Allen, Atlanta, GADavid Dalia, Esq., New Orleans, LAJudith DeFraites, Esq., New Orleans, LAStephen J. Easley, Esq., Law Office of Stephen J. Easley, Esq.Edgar "Dino" Gankendoff, Esq., Provosty & Gankendoff, LLC, NOLA ·      Kimberly Haynes, Esq. Haynes Johnson, LLC, Baton Rouge, LA·      Alex Heiche, Esq. CEO, Sound RoyaltiesTim Kappel, Esq., Wells & Kappel LLP, New Orleans, LAJessica Kaye, Esq., Kaye, and Mills, Los Angeles, CA·      Scott Keniley, Esq., Keniley, Kumar, Atlanta, GA Lauren Kilgore, Esq., Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton, Nashville, TN ·      Kevin Mills, Esq., Kaye, and Mills, Los Angeles, CA·      Richard Perna, Music Entrepreneur, Music Publisher, IP Rights Aggregator, IP Rights ConsultantNadine Ramsey, Esq., New Orleans, LA·      William Ramsey, Esq. Ramsey Law Firm, New Orleans, LAStan Soocher, Esq., Editor-in-Chief, Entertainment Law & Finance, Professor Emeritus, College of Arts & Media, University of Colorado DenverMarc Stollman, Esq., Stollman Law, Miami, FL·      Christoper Szapary, Esq., Provosty & Gankendoff, LLC, New Orleans, LA·      Vernon W. Thomas, Esq. Thomas Law Firm, New Orleans, LABrittney Trigg, Esq., Miami, FLSuzette Toledano, Esq., Toledano Entertainment & Arts Law, New Orleans, LA·      Gregg R. Zegarelli, Esq., Zegarelli Technology & Entrepreneurial Ventures Law Firm, Pittsburgh, PA


Roots Music Gathering – Cutting Edge is Still Committed to the Roots!Roots Music, as used here, means music, its history, and cultural practices that reflect communities' traditions. The Roots Music Gathering is about the world communities that, like New Orleans, produce music as a part of their cultural expression. We recognize sustaining cultural activities in an in-demand neighborhood is the new struggle of Cultural Bearers. This year honor artists, businesses, and legacies contributing to our shared musical journey. Oral HistoriesPresentationsLifetime Achievement AwardMusic Influencer AwardComing soon! Panel sessions and presentations. Look for additional events and songwriter activities.Important information and datesInterested in being a Sponsor email HEREInterested in Speaking? Have a panel idea? June 1 deadline. Email HEREArtist Showcase Application ends – July 1Conference hotel rates - $89 access HERECutting Edge occurs August 24 – 26, 2023, at the New Orleans InterContinental Hotel and venues throughout Downtown New Orleans.