Cool is Forever Consulting Expands to A&R, Publishing and Distribution

Long Island-based Cool is Forever Consulting LLC (CIF), owned by former Sony Music RED President, Bob Morelli cements his company as a home for strategic and specific sales and marketing consulting services, specializing in developing acts and start-up labels.
CIF has announced its expansion to offer A&R, manufacturing, labels, publishing, and distribution options. The industry is consistently evolving with thousands of songs being released each week, especially with vinyl sales hitting a 20-year high – having an affordable team is pivotal for artists aiming to stay competitive. “The volume and speed of change make it prohibitive for even the best companies to prioritize everything,” Morelli says. “There are no magic bullets but we do give the artist a better ‘batting stance’ and in turn a better shot at getting a hit.”
Launched during the pandemic and going into the fifth year, CIF has consulted dozens of artists, labels, and industry partners offering a full menu of services including influencer marketing, publicity, brand partnerships, radio promotion, vinyl production, advertising, social media, A&R, digital marketing, creative, data analytics, and overall industry connectivity.
“We have a flexible menu offering monthly retainers as we act as a rented label if you will, and or can do one-off Zoom calls at a reduced fee, to just answer your list of questions,” Morelli said.
CIF helps coordinate distribution options, tactical marketing, and sales initiatives, plus negotiating distribution, and label deals. Morelli says, “We lean into the fundamental parts of what an artist or label needs, then methodically build upon that to add the creative aspects. Creating a workable timeline is key.”
Morelli can be reached at: [email protected]