Composers Needed For National Broadcast AD

Boutique music publishing, licensing and production company with offices on the East and West coasts is immediately seeking new composers and musicians to help grow their very high production value catalog of songs, "non-lyrical" songs, and instrumentals specifically created for national and regional broadcast ads. They identify ad music trends and build, collaborate, or collect music to fill the need of their ad agency clients and end users.

Their credits include Google, Facebook, Tommy Hilfiger, Nestea, Tyson, Nike, Starbucks, McDonald's, Subway and many more well known companies.

Currently seeking:

- Descriptive terms: Anthemic, confident, empowering, energetic, exciting, fresh, fun, inspiring, optimistic, positive, pumped, relevant, youthful.

Emotional/Building Rock
- Descriptive terms: Calm, cinematic, emotional, honorable, hopeful, imaginative, minimal, powerful, reflective, sparse, sentimental.

Orchestral Hybrids
- Hip Hop Beats with orchestra. Descriptive terms: Anthemic, building crescendos, confident, dynamic, epic, exciting, fearless, heroic, powerful, soaring.

Composers and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.

Compensation: The publishing deal is an Exclusive, 1 Year standard 50/50 Term Agreement that shares sync with the writer(s) 50/50. If they do not get a sync license on the track(s) that they accept within the term. They have a true reversion clause, where they revert the track(s) and all rights back to the writer 100% (Publishing/Copyright/Master).

Deadline: July 15, 2017

To submit your music visit submitmx.com/projects_listings.php?id=1590