Disc Makers

Close Up: Disc Makers

A Legacy Rooted in DIY: Empowering artists to do what they love for over seven decades, Disc Makers is the world’s largest CD, DVD and  Blu-ray manufacturer for independent musicians, filmmakers and businesses. Irvin Ballen, the founder of the Ballen Record Company, built his own disc pressing plant and began pressing 78’s for his artists as well as for other local labels. Over the decades, Disc Makers (which launched in 1946) has gone through a series of format changes that have defined their eras, from 78 RPM shellack discs to 45s, to vinyl albums, eight tracks, cassettes, CDs DVDs. A  year after Disc Makers celebrated its 70th anniversary their original format, vinyl, has come  full circle and continues its great resurgence.

One-Stop Shop: The Pennsauken, NJ based company is a complete one-stop shop offering everything indie artists need (under a single  roof) to make their releases successful, including duplication, replication, printing, graphic design, audio mastering, DVD authoring, worldwide distribution and more. Disc Makers has also partnered with CD Baby to provide an easy way for artists to sell their CDs and downloads in the biggest stores in the world. Their Mega Distribution Bundle allows artists to sell their music on the largest and most popular music stores like iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, CD Baby and more, while getting paid for streams on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio and other digital services.

Rolling with the Changes: Back in 2006, the digital revolution in music consumption had many ready to declare physical music a dying entity. Yet even amidst the hype, and a digital surge that has changed virtually everything, there has always been a need for disc manufacturing. Over 10 years later, artists continue to make careers with the support of Disc Makers, and the company continues to produce over 40 million discs for 40 thousand artists each year. Daniel Baker, Director of Marketing, says, “Because there are other ways now to sell their music, artists are ordering shorter runs, but our business has not slowed down. We will do everything for you except write and record your music. Come to us with your finished recording, and we’ll take it from there.”

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