Close Up: TASCAM



Five Decades of Audio/Video Recording Products: Since its formative years in the 70’s, Montebello based TASCAM—one of four divisions of the Japanese based TEAC Corporation—has dedicated itself to the creation of revolutionary products in the fields of music and audio. TEAC formed the division to manufacture recording equipment when it became obvious that their home stereo hi fi gear was outperforming the quality of the typical mainstream recording. TASCAM’s mission became making equipment that had the uncompromising quality and durability of professional studio gear yet was affordable to the average consumer. These included the first 1/2-inch, 4-track cassette recorder, the first 8-track, reel to reel/mixer combo, the first R-DAT recorder and the first MiniDisc digital multitracker and CD scratcher. TASCAM’s goal in the 2020s remains the same—manufacture and sell superior recording tools that keep complicated tech out of the way so artists can create their art. The company’s R&D department is very receptive and responsive to consumer feedback, and has even updated firmware at times to address important concerns. 

Mixcast 4: With a simple yet spot on branding slogan—“Podcast audio creation made easy”—Mixcast 4 is a powerful, multi-faceted podcast station with a built in recorder and USB audio interface that can be used for podcast creation, live streaming, event production or voiceovers.  Veteran TASCAM Product Specialist Sean Daily notes that it follows in the tradition of the 144, the first portable studio the company created 40 years ago—and that the Mixcast 4 will do for podcasting what the earlier product achieved for recording. It is a one-stop workstation that allows for the recording and mixing of sound sources without complicated settings, providing all audio related operation and workflow needed for live streaming, events, podcasts and other applications. Among its features are a five-inch color touch panel that is as intuitive and easy to use as an iPhone or Android. It also has dual inputs that support XLR and quarter inch TRS inputs that open up more avenues for the use of electric guitars, basses, keyboards and electronic drums. Users can connect their phone through an eighth inch TRRS cable. It has dedicated channels for mics, full size faders, USB and smartphone and Bluetooth connections. 

Portacapture X8: Another exciting new TASCAM offering is the Portacapture X8, a new generation, high res, adaptive multi-track hand held recorder. Like the Mixcast, it has a large color touch screen that is smart phone-easy to navigate. Fitting in the palm of the hand and operated by battery or USB, it can be used by filmmakers in the field to capture the sounds of gunshots, explosions, vehicles and nature. It is the only digital handheld recorder on the market that employs the innovative 32-bit float recording technology. The format encodes audio in an IEEE-754 standard single precision format; translated into decibels, that gives a range of more than 1500 dB, more range than most users will ever need.

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