Close Up: Raleigh Music Group

Founded on a Dynamic Partnership: In 2016, industry veterans Steven Storch and Peter Raleigh launched NYC and LA based Raleigh Music Group, a multi-faceted international boutique music publishing company that works with legendary catalogs and contemporary songwriters and artists alike. The duo began working together at Imagem Publishing, which had the catalogs of Rodgers & Hammerstein and classical publishing giant Boosey & Hawkes.

Prior to that, Storch enjoyed a two-decade tenure at Sony Music and eventually became CFO of Sony ATV Music Publishing. Earlier in his career, Raleigh was Head of Copyright at Cherry Lane Music Publishing. When Imagem was sold in 2015, the two decided to pool their skillsets and mutual knowledge and passion for music to create a smaller, hands-on company. As stated on their website, Raleigh Music Group’s mission is to provide outstanding service to their clients while maximizing royalty revenue and protecting the long-term value and global ownership rights of the songs they represent.

Catalog, Clients and Placements: Raleigh Music Group started with catalogs representing two of popular music’s greatest legacies, George Gershwin and Elvis Presley, which the two had worked on at Imagem.

Those are the foundation of a clientele that includes ‘90s hip-hop trio Lords of the Underground, Sudanese-Scottish folk singer Eliza Shaddad, Brooklyn rapper PHresher (who is featured on Eminem’s 2018 track “Chloraseptic”), writers who have scored song placements with Chris Brown and Ariana Grande, and songwriter-producers who have worked with John Legend, H.E.R., Ne-Yo and Mary J. Blige.

Raleigh works with the top music supervisors in the film and TV industry and, most recently, has placed songs in the multiple Oscar-nominated films Joker and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Their dedicated creative staff handles all A&R activities and synchronization licensing and sets up collaborations for their signed songwriters.

Utilizing the Latest Technologies: Utilizing better technology than the majors allows Raleigh to offer the same services in a more efficient way. All systems are cloud based and all royalty statements are accessible in real time via an online portal. These tech-based efficiencies help Raleigh to deal more easily with local ASCAP and BMI offices in foreign territories and cut out the middleman so that they can pay their clients faster and more accurately.  Among the new tech services they use are Music Maestro and Audiam™. Music Maestro is the leading solution for administering song catalogs, from registering copyrights to licensing catalogs, processing royalties, paying clients and building global networks. Audiam helps identify, monetize and collect advertising generated from YouTube videos.