Close Up: Hype Studios LA


A Commitment to Artist Development: Tracing back to key formative experiences in his life, there’s a reason why Augie Ray, the Grammy-winning producer who launched Hype Studios LA in 2020, declares on his website bio, “I believe in artist development and love to see the power that comes from that.” For the multi-talented songwriter, musician and entrepreneur—who has worked with everyone from Rihanna and Elton John to Bibi Bourelly and Julia Michaels, as well as Disney, Acura, Pepsi and ESPN—it’s a matter of paying it forward. At age 11, Ray took part in a mentorship program sponsored by EMI where young people could learn the recording process hands-on.

Influence of Warryn Campbell: After recording some of his own hip-hop CDs, Ray scored an internship with multi-Grammy-winning producer Warryn Campbell, who took him under his wing and gave him a wide array of responsibilities. While working by day as an assistant on sessions with Quincy Jones, Musiq Soulchild, Mary Mary, Heavy D, Dr. Dre and Macy Gray, at night he would use Campbell’s studio to produce local L.A. 

artists—all while going to college full time. Ray continued to work with Campbell, earning a Grammy for his work on Erica Campbell’s 2014 debut solo album Help, which won for Best Gospel Album. The family-oriented vibe at Campbell’s studio, compared to the cold, sterile and transactional nature of business conducted at the major facilities Ray later worked in, sparked the idea of creating the community oriented Hype Studios LA.

Groundbreaking Studio and Creative Community: Hype Studios LA is a truly revolutionary venture, the first subscription-based professional recording studio in the San Fernando Valley, offering high-quality recording in a collaborative environment designed to empower the modern creative. There are three essential member benefits: 1) Collaborate. Hype LA provides the opportunity to collaborate and elevate a member’s platform by becoming part of an exclusive creative community, in addition to invitations to members-only events and ability to create them; 2) Elevate by becoming one’s own CEO by customizing studio hours; fingerprint access allows for easy access to the studio; and 3) Recording with the same engineer each time to build a meaningful and trusting relationship, and having accountability for the hours committed to. Members pay monthly, customizing the amount of hours needed per month. Prices start at $180 with a monthly minimum of six hours. Members can use the Hype Studios LA online calendar to book priority session times. Hype also offers the best mixing and mastering services in the San Fernando Valley, with prices that start at $150 per song.

Hype Song Camps: Hype Studios LA recently held its first collaborative song camp for members. These are designed to help each creator build a musical community while collaborating with different writers and producers each day to help take his or her songwriting and production skills to the next level. It’s an inspirational, creative and unique camp offering the chance to work intensively with like minded people. Hype LA’s team of active hit songwriters and industry pros assist each group of collaborators to get the best out of their three-day sessions. 

Contact Hype LA Studios, 747-224-7034