Close Up: BBE/G&L Guitars

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Keeping the Fender Legacy Alive: In 1980, legendary instrument designer and inventor Leo Fender launched his final company, G&L, with George Fullerton. G&L’s guitar designs leaned heavily upon the looks of Leo’s original instruments while incorporating innovations such as enhanced tremolo systems and electronics. Before Leo passed away in 1991, he gave his blessing for his wife to sell the company to his friend John C. McLaren, Sr., owner of BBE Sound Inc.—a pioneer of audio improvement technologies for professional and consumer applications. Fulfilling his commitment as owner of G&L to expand and develop the company in a way that would please Leo, His sons Dave and Johnny McLaren continue to make instruments in Fender’s historic factory on Fender Avenue in Fullerton, CA. Thanks to a special blend of traditional craftsmanship and pioneering technology, G&L instruments deliver unsurpassed performance and value. Leo’s private workshop, the center of his creativity, remains at the heart of the large factory and has been visited by music folks from around the world. 

Guitar and Bass Lines: G&L offers four essential guitar and bass lines—the Fullerton Deluxe, CLF Research and a Tribute Series. Created from the most popular and customer-requested models and options, the Fullerton Deluxe line is the heart of the American-made G&L experience. Inspired by Leo’s legacy of continuous innovation, the CLF Research models take their styling cues from the inventor’s vibrant era of the 80’s while incorporating expanded technical capabilities. The G&L Tribute Series guitars and basses brings Fender’s proprietary innovations to a popular price range, with core G&L features like Magnetic Field Design pickups. The G&L Custom Shop is where their ultimate instruments are crafted based on user’s specialized needs.

BBE Pedals: Aside from the Fender products, BBE also offers a unique array of pedals. The BBE Sonic Stomp Pro is the next generation of the popular Sonic Maximizer in a compact pedal format. It has been re-engineered to offer musicians extended dynamic range. The BBE Green Screamer v2 is the next evolution of the classic “green” overdrive circuit, designed to yield greater transparency and versatility.

Artist Relations/Business Development Manager Steve Araujo: Araujo’s role at BBE/G&L Guitars grew out of The Bass Hang, his popular multi-media website and YouTube channel dedicated to supporting the bass playing community. He began working with the company producing video and other media. “As a veteran musician and certified music nerd,” he says, “it’s the ultimate honor to contribute in an environment dedicated to honoring and continuing his revolutionary work, on the premises where he designed so many classic instruments. We are as close to Leo’s legacy and spirit as anyone can get.”

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