Up Close With Fame Wizard

TonyDelmercado2Success as an independent artist in the contemporary, digital distribution driven music industry requires strong business acumen and entrepreneurial skills like never before. Few are as familiar with the shifts in the landscape–and the best strategies for success in the current DIY artist dominated realm–than the Fame Wizard team backed by former major label executives, Grammy winning artists and music biz legends.

Founded in 2010 as an artist platform with a strong educational development focus, Fame Wizard (http://famewiz.com) has evolved into a dynamic Artist Development Company dedicated to growing the careers of musicians through a strategic program that includes one-on-one coaching as well as insightful lessons and webinars that teach musicians how to achieve success as an indie artist. Dedicated to demystifying the modern music business, the organization also offers exclusive opportunities to expose their members’ music to new fans and influential professionals within the industry.

A powerful (and self-empowering) response to the new music business paradigm, Fame Wizard was founded on the simple premise of guiding and developing artists who are serious about their music toward a pathway for success. The site includes a comprehensive educational curriculum, catalog of courses, lessons and webinars—but the key element is building a positive/productive working relationship with a Fame Wizard Coach.

Fame Wizard’s COO Tony Delmercado likens the presence of the coach in the musicians’ life to “working with a trainer rather than just having a gym membership.” Each artist consistently works with his or her coach, who acts as a guide, career strategist, mentor, accountability partner and friend throughout their Fame Wizard experience. These Coaches—many of whom are successful musicians with vast industry experience and degrees—also administer the curriculum, guiding artists through educational topics relevant to today’s indie music marketplace.

The courses are concise, interactive and serve as a starting point for many deeper and profoundly more impactful discussions when applied to the individual artist’s needs. The catalog of courses, lessons, webinars and interviews are available online 24/7 allowing the individual artist to customize when and how deeply they want to review the content.


Each course listed on the site opens to a number of specific multi-media lessons (four to 10) featuring written information, video, audio and external links. The courses include Performing Rights Organizations and Other Key Organizations; Copyrighting and Legal Protection; Getting Radio Airplay; Getting Your Music Reviewed; Marketing and Promotion; Distribution; Branding; Using Social Networking to Engage and Grow Your Fan Base; Networking and Professional Development; Getting Press; Financial Responsibility and Fundraising; Booking Gigs; Scheduling and Planning Tours; Building a Professional Team – Including Developing and Guiding a “Street Team”; Landing Licensing Opportunities; Selling (and Giving Away) Your Music; and How and When to Get Professional Recordings.

“Rather than just another distance learning company streaming tons of information,” says Delmercado, “we’ve created a regimented, customized path, or funnel, that is geared towards serious and ambitious artists whose entry point is any level of the business. We’ll work with someone who has never done a gig, released a CD or created a copyright differently than we approach a client who is already touring regionally or has a notable discography.

“We strongly believe that there has never been a better time to be a DIY musician,” he adds, “but of course there is also more competition because the barriers are lower. One of the biggest problems we notice is the vast amount of misinformation that exists among up-and-coming indie artists. While consumers have adapted to the digital revolution, musicians sometimes still think if they get their music to one key person, that person can make their career happen. But being an indie artist now is more like being an entrepreneur and major label deals are not a predominant force. Our mission is servicing indie artists and helping them gain meaningful exposure to rise above the noise.”

Fame Wizard’s membership application is in-depth by design, in line with the organization’s desire to work not only with talented musicians with great career potential, but those serious and dedicated to the hard work that lies ahead. “Seriousness of purpose is a must,” says Delmercado. “That’s as important an element to success as anything else.”

Contact Fame Wizard, http://famewiz.com

By Jonathan Widran